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Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders and Suicide

Diagnosis and treatment Practical guidelines for the assessment and treatment of patients with SUDs have been published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), and reported several forms of beneficial therapy including both somatic and psychological treatments. The duration of treatment may vary, but to… Read More »

Depression and Suicide

Suicidal behavior is one of the most serious outcomes of psychiatric illness and is particularly associated with major depression. Standardized tools for classifying mental disorders () list suicidal cognitions as one of the key symptoms of depression. They can range in severity from “recurrent thoughts of death” or “thinking that you would be better off… Read More »

Suicidality: Management in Medical Inpatient Settings

For a patient who survives a recent suicide attempt, the emergency department usually is the first stop for assessment and triage. If the patient is medically cleared, ideally a psychiatrist, but sometimes another mental health professional, evaluates the patient and decides whether psychiatric inpatient or outpatient management is the appropriate disposition. It is important for… Read More »

Suicide in the Medically Ill

Physical disease is present in a high proportion of people who commit suicide. A recent review cited several large studies that reported that medical illness was present in 30%-40% of the patients who committed suicide. However, most of these suicides do not occur during medical hospitalization. About 2% of Finnish suicides occurred in medical or… Read More »