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Overview of New Anxiolytics

Although the benzodiazepines have been the treatment of choice for anxiety disorders for many years, unfavorable aspects to their side-effect profile have initiated efforts to develop new-generation antianxiety agents. Over the past decade, scientists have been searching for compounds that retain the robust anxiolytic efficacy of benzodiazepines, but lack a number of unwanted properties, including… Read More »

Minor Depression: 5-HT Agonists/Antagonists

Overview A large percentage of agents in development are based on the less-than-promising single serotonergic mechanisms of action. To date, this class of drugs has had little success reaching the market, and based on the past performance of serotonin (5-HT) agonists/antagonists, the development of the majority of these agents will probably be discontinued. Instead, the… Read More »