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Chronic Illness: Current Therapies

The main goal of bipolar disorder drug treatment is to establish euthymia (stable mood with a persistent sense of well-being) without inducing mania or rapid cycling (i.e., four or more mood episodes in a 12-month period). For this reason, drug treatment usually consists of an agent or, more frequently, combinations of agents that exert both… Read More »

The pharmaceutical industry and the new drugs

The pharmaceutical industry played a significant part in establishing the role of the new psychiatric drugs in the 1950s and 1960s. For doing so it is sometimes credited with helping transform psychiatry into a modern ‘medical specialism’. The large-scale marketing campaigns that helped to establish the use of the early neuroleptic and antidepressant drugs are… Read More »

Drug-centred drug research

The disease-centred model of drug action has restricted our understanding of the effects of drugs used in psychiatry by directing attention to the effects of drugs on a hypothetical disease process and neglecting other areas. For example, although there is ample research about effects of the new generation of antipsychotic drugs on the numerous different… Read More »