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Recommendations For The Use And Selection Of Antipsychotics

1. Only one antipsychotic medication should be used at a time. Combinations of antipsychotics should not be tried until monotherapy with different available agents, including conventional antipsychotics, has been used for an extended period of time, for at least six weeks, at therapeutic doses (for each medication), or when single medications at therapeutic levels bring… Read More »

Pharmacotherapy in the Treatment of Obesity

Until the 1990s, pharmacotherapy played a relatively minor role in the treatment of obesity. Available drugs were approved only for very short-term use. Difficulties in performing longer term studies, concerns regarding the safety and abuse of drugs, and consistent findings showing rapid weight regain following drug discontinuation contributed to the fact that no new obesity… Read More »

Treatment of Atypical Side Effects

Prevention is the best measure to avoid adverse medication events. Prescription of effective medications with minimal likelihood of eliciting adverse events takes precedence over other drugs with increased risks. Systematic monitoring will insure medication effectiveness and prompt detection of and response to emerging side effects. Cardiovascular complications must be kept in mind and avoided at… Read More »

Treatment Of Obesity

A considerable number of patients with chronic psychosis are overweight or downright obese. To complicate matters, most of the mood stabilizers and atypical antipsychotics prescribed to treat these disorders, promote weight gain. Furthermore, child psychiatrists often prescribe combinations of psychotropic medications that cause an undesirable weight increase. Weight reduction and remedial treatment of obesity should… Read More »