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Alzheimer’s Therapy: Gene Therapy

Overview. Gene therapy for Alzheimer’s disease is a long way from being practicable, but some prototypical approaches are being explored. In April 2001, Ceregene, a subsidiary of Cell Genesys, began a Phase I trial for its nerve growth factor (nerve growth factor) gene delivery involving eight patients with early Alzheimer’s disease. Another promising approach pioneered… Read More »

Pharmacodynamics Of Antimicrobial Agents In Bacterial Meningitis

Pharmacodynamics entails the interactions that occur between the antimicrobial agent and the pathogen, and, although separate from pharmacokinetic properties, is dependent on these processes with respect to localizing antimicrobials at sites of infection. There are several pharmacodynamic properties of antimicrobials relevant to bacterial meningitis, including bactericidal / bacteriostatic activity, time- versus concentration-dependent killing, and postantimicrobial… Read More »

Principles of management

The management of major depressive disorder (major depressive disorder) involves establishing a correct diagnosis and applying evidence based and goal directed principles of treatment. These treatment principles include recognizing and treating any coexisting medical conditions, building a therapeutic alliance with patients and choosing an appropriate treatment, as well as monitoring and maintaining response (Table Nine… Read More »